What is Forever True, For Iowa State

The Forever True, For Iowa State campaign is a comprehensive fundraising effort that will transform Iowa State University. 

For future generations, an emerging global culture and economy will present the next uncharted territory. Navigating a world in which the population may reach more than 9.6 billion people by 2050 – 2 billion more than today – will pose unparalleled challenges and call for extraordinary efforts. 

Now is the time to ensure a bright future for our children and our world. To provide the tools that will be needed to traverse new territories and confront inevitable challenges. Forever True, For Iowa State, an eight-year campaign to raise $1.1 billion for the university, will keep Iowa State’s mission relevant and vibrant for a future that will urgently need us – but only if we work hand-in-hand, as we have always done, to make that goal possible.

Support for scholarships will ensure deserving students have opportunities to learn leadership skills on campus and around the globe. Funding for world-class faculty and research will help continue vital work addressing the world’s most critical issues. And gifts in support of places and programs that extend the university’s work around the state and world will impact thousands of lives touched by Iowa State.

Iowa State is ready to answer this call. Every success here – every discovery, every insight in the classroom, lab or field, every opportunity given and life transformed – has prepared us for this moment.



To realize Iowa State’s vision for providing an education that seeks to solve the complex problems facing our world, we set forth these three strategic aspirations:

Ensure access to an exceptional student experience that offers practical, global and leadership opportunities that shape the well-rounded citizens and informed critical thinkers needed in the 21st century

We have long been committed to keeping higher education accessible and affordable, and are known worldwide for our emphasis on learning through doing. In today’s economy, an education that is a good value and offers practical experience puts Iowa State students ahead in a competitive workforce.

Advance Iowa State as a world leader in addressing global challenges affecting our food, water, energy, health, security and environment

We are recognized world experts in revolutionizing sustainable ways to feed and fuel the world, expertise vital to maintaining quality of life for a growing population. We have a holistic focus on improving lives through science, technology and human creativity, and a culture of exploration that reaches across disciplinary boundaries.

Accelerate Iowa State’s contributions to the social good by extending its expertise, knowledge and values to improve quality of life within our state and throughout the nation and world

We believe in sharing our knowledge and pairing with communities and businesses to find solutions to the world’s grand challenges – and putting new discoveries to work now to make lives better.