Changing Students, Changing the World

Many students remember the exact Iowa State moment when everything clicked. Senior Sean Lundy is among them.

One of the first students to declare a global resources systems major, Lundy was drawn to the hands-on, international and interdisciplinary nature of the program, otherwise known as GLOBE. The program prepares students for careers with organizations that address international challenges such as hunger and poverty.

During his freshman year, Lundy signed up for Iowa State’s service learning program in Uganda. “That summer, I found myself in a part of the world where I never dreamed of going, giving a presentation to a group of Ugandan boys about health and hygiene. I got that metaphorical hit on the head – I realized what I was doing could make a real difference.” Lundy returned to Iowa State with renewed academic energy and a clearer life path. As required by GLOBE, he selected an area of technical competency, adding a second major in nutrition and wellness.

Each summer since, the fifth-year senior has participated in internships, including a second term in Uganda followed by a summer in Panama with the Panamanian Ministry of Agricultural Development. While there, he honed his research skills and nutritional knowledge by working on a project measuring the impact of a children’s nutrition program in 11 remote communities. This past summer, Lundy was selected for an internship with the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

Lundy said the most remarkable aspect of his Iowa State education has been the range of his experiences. “Uganda and Panama involved the roughest possible living conditions. In Panama, I woke up and looked out across a jungle. In D.C., I wore a suit and tie and walked among some of the most powerful people in the world.” Scholarship support has enabled Lundy to take advantage of these experiences. “I was able to get a great education, and then go out and use what I learned,” noted Lundy. “After these amazing experiences, I walked back into the classroom with a broader real-world perspective.”

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