Members of the Order of the Knoll, Iowa State University's most prestigious donor recognition society, believe in creating opportunities to transform lives at Iowa State. Their gifts — whether through lifetime giving, annual giving or both — are essential to the future of our university.

A Symbol of Leadership

It is appropriate that Iowa State's most loyal group of donors is named after the Knoll — a symbol of leadership and excellence on campus. The Knoll has been home to Iowa State's first family since it was opened in 1901.

A Place in History

As the Order of the Knoll members walk through the stately doors of the old mansion, they have a sense of being a part of the past, present, and future. Included in the distinguished legacy always has been the spirit of giving. Iowa State's future success will be possible because of the leadership, generosity, and vision of Order of the Knoll members, Iowa State's major and most loyal donors.

Opening Doors

Through their giving, Order of the Knoll members open doors for Iowa State's faculty and students. This support enables the university to attract and retain top professors and researchers — the cornerstones of academic excellence. Contributions also help create state-of-the-art environments, build excellent academic programs, and provide opportunities that attract today's brightest students. As students succeed, the impact of Iowa State's teaching and research flows through the state, into the nation, and around the world.

Order of the Knoll Brochure (PDF)

Order of the Knoll Awards

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