1. Why is Iowa State planning a campaign now?
    Iowa State University has set a bold vision for its future, and the campaign is directly tied to the university's strategic plan. To achieve our goal to make Iowa State the premier land-grant university for the 21st century, we need the passion and enthusiasm of our alumni and friends. Philanthropy is critical in securing support for the facilities, faculty, students, programming and initiatives that are key to Iowa State’s success.

  2. How does a campaign differ from normal day-to-day fundraising?
    Typically, fundraising goals are determined by the university, its colleges and departments on a year-to-year basis, and are often focused on immediate needs. Campaigns – much like strategic plans – are an opportunity to think big, transformationally and long-term.

  3. What is a comprehensive campaign?
    A comprehensive fundraising campaign is an extended fundraising effort that counts all dollars from all private sources during its timeframe, but ultimately features several key objectives critical to advancing the entire university enterprise. It’s an effort that broadly mobilizes every college, department and area to focus on the overall advancement of the institution.

  4. What is the timeline of the campaign?
    Most comprehensive university campaigns are extensive, multiyear efforts. Typically, the first several years of the campaign are spent in the advanced planning phase, which determines what the priority projects will be and how feasible it will be to fund these initiatives. We began the silent phase of the campaign in 2012. The campaign was launched publicly September 30, 2016, and is expected to conclude in 2020.

  5. What is the funding goal for the campaign?
    The board has approved an overall campaign goal of $1.1 billion. During this campaign, we plan to make history and raise more than we have in previous years. We have set an ambitious goal for ourselves that truly has the potential to transform the university.

  6. What are the campaign priorities?
    All priorities support the university’s vision to make Iowa State the premier land-grant university for the 21st century, and are outlined in the case for support as three strategic aspirations. These include funding for research, faculty, student scholarships, new facilities and innovative programming, among others.

  7. What campaign materials are available?
    We developed an overarching case for support for the Forever True, For Iowa State campaign. This case for support essentially answers the “Why should I give to Iowa State, and why should I give now?” questions that arise in conversations with prospective donors.