This is a transformational time, not only for Iowa State University, but for the state of Iowa, our nation and our world.

Since becoming president of Iowa State, I have encouraged everyone – faculty, students, staff, alumni and friends like you – to think big and even bigger.

And there’s no bigger challenge right now than how we will care for our global population in the year 2050 when it reaches 9.6 billion people. 

What could that future look like? Let’s imagine a global community that is stronger, healthier and safer. People in every nation have access to nutritious food; renewable energies fuel the world; buildings and environments are beautiful and sustainable; data and technology are improving lives; and diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are history.

With your support Iowa State can help make this future a reality. 

The vision of the Forever True, For Iowa State campaign puts our university at the cutting edge of solutions to both current and anticipated global issues. It supports innovators and problem-solvers who are changing the world right from our campus, as well as future leaders just beginning their Iowa State adventures. An investment in our people and programs today will pay dividends in the coming decades. 

Never before have Iowa State’s unique strengths been so relevant, so promising or so vital. And never before has philanthropy had such powerful potential to make a difference. 

This is Iowa State’s shining hour – when our tradition of excellence and innovation sets us on course for unprecedented achievement. But we need your help. Forever True, For Iowa State is a campaign unlike any other in the university’s history. Your support and generosity are essential to fulfill our vision of a stronger Iowa State and a better world for generations to come. 

Thank you for joining me in embracing all that Iowa State stands for. We wouldn’t be where we are today – or where we will be tomorrow – without you. 



Steven Leath
President, Iowa State Unviersity