Finding Funding 

The ISU Foundation offers a variety of opportunities to assist faculty with finding funding to support campus projects and research.

Upcoming Opportunities
A cross-section of opportunities that may be applicable to various units that have approaching deadlines.

Early Career Opportunities
A running list of programs for non-tenured faculty.

Fund ISU
A crowdfunding platform that promotes Iowa State's mission to create, share and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place.

Contacting Donors 

If you would like to contact a funder, please first talk with one of our team members to coordinate the approach. A few of the benefits of talking with us before contacting the funder include:

  • The university has established relationships with various funders. Sharing additional information may help you be more successful. 
  • Some funders may ask Iowa State to follow a different proposal submission process than what is posted online or in research databases. 
  • The funder may already be considering a proposal from Iowa State, which could impact the existing request, any new proposal, or both.

Searching for Funding
The ISU Foundation can help identify funders for projects with a proposed total budget of $50000 or more and when the project aligns with university priorities. To begin this process, please complete Funding Search Request Form and send to

Additionally, Iowa State University subscribes to PIVOT and other searchable databases, such as The Foundation Directory. Those resources can be accessed here.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding whether the proposal or award requires a Cardinal Sheet.
Coordinated opportunities are those in which the university has a strategic interest, require institutional involvement or sign-offs, limit the number of proposals, or present complex requirements. Clearance to apply (LOI, application, proposal) to these funders must be coordinated with the Iowa State University Foundation.

Limited Submission funders restrict the number of requests the university can submit to a given program. The Office of the Vice President for Research manages Iowa State University's submissions to these programs through an internal competition process.