The Cardinal Sheet is the proposal routing form used by the Iowa State University Foundation to secure departmental, college and university approvals to request gift/grant funding from a foundation, corporation, or other non-governmental source. The processing instructions can be found here.


The Corporate Contact Information Request Form is required for requests to contact a corporation or foundation that originate from within the university. These requests could be for information sharing or solicitation purposes. All requests must come from a faculty or staff member at ISU. Student organizations wishing to submit a request, must work with their registered faculty or staff adviser. Helpful tips can be found here


The Gift Reporting Form is required when ISU faculty and staff receive a gift of less than $5,000 from a corporation or foundation.


The Funding Search Request Form initiates the process to find funding opportunities when the proposed project's total budget is $50,000 or more and when the project aligns with university priorities. Please contact us to discuss whether your project qualifies for our services. 


The Information Request Form is used for requesting mail and email lists of alumni or donors for Iowa State University business such as newsletters, information mailings, placement services, educational events, etc.