Corporate and Foundation Relations assists faculty and staff who want to secure funding for a variety of needs including research, student support, programs, and special projects.

We can help:

  • Connect funders with Iowa State faculty
  • Coordinate a visit to campus
  • Collaborate on proposals and concepts (LOIs)
  • Assist in identifying potential partners
  • Steward gifts and grants with progress and final reports 

If you would like to contact a funder, please first talk with one of our team members to coordinate the approach. It is important for CFR to work with you before you contact the funder for several reasons:

  • The university has established relationships with various funders, which can be valuable in furthering the relationship and potential interest in your project. 
  • Some funders with whom we have relationships may ask Iowa State to follow a different proposal submission process than what is posted online or in research databases.
  • The funder may already be considering a proposal from Iowa State, which could impact the existing request, any new proposal, or both.